The award-winning Pathways to Education Program is provided to high school students living in low-income communities across Canada. Our program’s holistic combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports is proven to remove barriers to graduation and promote positive youth development during critical high school years.

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Compass has been supporting youth through the Pathways to Education program since September 2009.

The average high school student will deal with stress from school, homework, tests, exams, and difficulties making friends. Pathways offers comprehensive support for all of these challenges.  Pathways is a place where youth can do homework, have fun, make new friends and learn new skills.

What makes the Pathways to Education program work is its comprehensive and integrated approach to ensure support academically, financially, socially and through individual advocacy. First implemented in Toronto’s Regent Park Community Health Centre in 2001, Pathways to Education has developed into a proven effective model, that has led to Pathways to Education expanding to 20 communities across Canada.

Compass supports students who are registered in high school and who live in the Keith, Bennetto, and Gibson and Landsdale neighbourhoods. In addition, we are regularly looking for adult volunteers and partners from across Hamilton to serve as Pathways to Education Volunteer Tutors as well as providing experiences for youth from these communities.

If you are a student and would like to learn how you can register for Pathways, click the button above to get involved, or check our contact information below for more ways to reach us.

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