About the Board

Celine Maiolino

Board Member

Celine is a proud North Ender, where you can find her making music, gardening, or walking along Pier 8 with her family and two rescue dogs.

She holds a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Toronto and has a degree in Community Development, grounding her work and volunteer experiences in a community-based approach to viewing issues facing diverse populations with a focus on collaboration and prevention.  

Celine is currently a Policy Development Officer with the Policing Reform Unit at the City of Toronto's Social Development, Finance & Administration division.  In her role, she oversees the Toronto Community Crisis Service, a new approach to responding to someone experiencing a mental health crisis that focuses on health, prevention, and well-being.  The service provides an alternative to police enforcement, creating a community-based, client centred, trauma-informed response to non-emergency crisis calls and wellness checks.

Previously, Celine supported the George Street Revitalization project at the City of Toronto's Shelter, Support & Housing Administration, where she led program model development for new shelter programs, enhancing a focus on housing first, harm reduction, and inclusion in collaboration with people with lived experience, shelter staff, and community and Indigenous partners.

She has also held Policy Advisor roles at the Ministry of Housing in the Homelessness Secretariat, leading engagements rooted in design thinking and client-centered experiences across the province, and working alongside communities to prioritize steps to address chronic and youth homelessness.

Celine is a Steering Committee member of the Toronto Public Service Pride Network, the Toronto Network of Women, and the Corporate Project Team focused on Policy Excellence. 

She is eager to support Compass Community Health's commitment to removing obstacles to health for residents of the North End community through a variety of evidence-informed programming and support services.