Movement Video Series: Safer Space, Move in Place

Our Goal: With COVID-19, many of us are staying inside and sitting more. We created short movement breaks to motivate folks to move safely in their homes.  We recognize how mentally challenging social isolation is, especially for queer and trans folks when programming has been cancelled, there are financial stresses and living situations can be difficult.  We want folks to know that we are here to support you as best as we can.

How to use these Videos: Do 1-2 videos per day or mix in with walks to break up the boredom of isolation

Safety disclaimer: Please be kind to your mind and body. If you are experiencing chest tightness or abnormal shortness of breath, stop and seek medical help. If you have any concerns with your safety participating in these exercises, please talk to your health care provider first. 

  1. Video 1: Mindfulness

    • Take a moment to be present.
    • There are a lot of benefits of mindfulness! With practice, you can feel better physically and mentally, and you can have less worry, fear and depression.

    • Want to learn more? There are a lot of apps, such as Headspace and Shine.

  2. Video 2: Squats

    • Drop down and get your squats on!
  3. Video 3: Lunges

    • Take a step towards improving your lunges with this movement break!

  4. Video 4: Push-ups

    • COVID got you down? Time to push back with this push-up explanation! 

  5. Video 5: Core

    • A “core” element of strength and stability. Come strengthen your core. 

  6. Video 6: Back

    • Let’s get “back” to it with some back exercises. 
  7. Video 7: Full Body Circuit

    • Let’s put together everything we’ve learned. 
  8. Video 8: Active Recovery 

    • Active recovery/stretches: Worked hard? Don’t forget to rest and recover! 


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